Master web design

Using WordPress

Prepare for a Career in Web design

This wordpress course is designed to empower you with the skills and confidence needed to kickstart a rewarding career in web design. We provide the perfect blend of hands-on WordPress training, expert mentorship, and real-world projects to ensure you’re well-prepared for a successful career in web design.

Who can Enroll for this training?

  • Aspiring Web Developers: Individuals who have a strong interest in creating websites and web applications and want to build a career in web development.
  • Design Enthusiasts: Those who are passionate about creating visually appealing and user-friendly websites and wish to gain the technical skills to do so.
  • Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners: Individuals who want to have a hands-on approach to building and maintaining their business websites.
  • Students and Recent Graduates: Those studying or newly graduated in fields related to computer science, IT, or design who want to enhance their practical coding skills.
  • Freelancers: Individuals interested in freelancing as web developers and designers to offer services to clients.

Training Requirements

To enroll for this course you must:

  • Be passionate & have the desire & curiosity to learn.
  • Have basic computer usage skills.
  • Be proficient in English – both spoken and written.
  • You are required to have access to stable internet. (All classes are online).

NOTE: No prior experience in programming is required.

Learners who successfully complete this training can:

  1. Start a career as a Freelance web designer.
  2. Seek for employment in a Web design agency.
  3. Start a Web design & hosting company.
  4. Add the training on thsir Skillset in search for other related jobs
  5.  Use this training as a foundation and venture deeper into the world of Web based systems and softwares.

Are there Web Design Jobs in Kenya?

Yes! Professional website designers are in high demand and often land huge design contracts. Kenyan market is rapidly growing on technology giving more hope to the web design industry. Website design is unlimited and offers a new opportunity for businesses and companies that take advantage of its benefits.


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