Make every call Count 🪄

Market your business today through a personalized skiza business ringback tune & let your callers know about your hustle.

What is a Skiza Ring back tune?

This is a ringback tune that plays whenever someone calls you. Its an opportunity to pass a custom message or an advert to your callers.


Quick & easy set up for businesses, organizations & Institutions. Greet your customers with a personalized ringtone every time they call.

Set up fee
Ksh 3,000/= Pay Ksh 1,500/= upfront. Complete balance when tune is ready in 3 days
  • Custom business ringback tone
  • Uploaded on Skiza
  • You Pick 1 gender voice
  • Professional recording
  • Ready within 3 working days
  • Activate daily at Ksh 5 (in form of airtime)
  • Multiple phones can have the same tune

Below are Sample Skiza tunes done for other businesses